Sunday, November 25, 2012

Android Development Capabilities Presentation

In the very very far September 2012 I was asked by a colleague to create a little presentation on Android, in order to give him an overview what Android is capable of.
My experience with Android is not so big, but even so, I managed to create an abstract of the Android API Guide pages available at  The feedback was good, and I was asked to share the presentation. Even if the presentation requires an animator, it can be useful for those ones who never touched Android Development. It includes the following points:

General presentation
Activities and UI
Services, Content providers, Broadcast receivers, Loaders
Settings and Data storage
Tasks, back-stack, processes and threading
Location and Device administration API

I did not include in this presentation such thing like JNI interaction, description of existing Google services. Please treat this as an abstract to the API pages, and no more. If someone will have some ideas or requests, please comment. Hope this will be helpful!

Android Development Capabilities Presentation

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